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GOA29 – The Castelle

Guardians Of Atlanta 29
(The Castelle)

Fire burned in William’s heart,
as blood ran down his head.
He wanted to fight, but all he could do
was run and hide instead.
He hiked to Atlanta and once he arrived
near Turner Field he saw
An old abandoned Church building.
And though it was against the law-
He saw no alternative to shelter,
and squatted there inside.
But no bandage or salve, medicine or tonic,
could ever heal his pride.

The Knights cut him off completely
from money, and his phone.
Daily he walked through Atlanta,
completely and totally alone.
Though there were thousands
on those crowded streets with him.
He could not reveal his secrets,
or the tales he held within.
He read his Bible on his phone,
The only app that worked.
And he physically trained to better himself.
For he knew that danger lurked.
Since he had no money on him,
creative he had to become.
Ketchup packets and crackers
were his meal at the setting of the sun.
This went on for months,
and William lost track of time.
His hair grew long, and he pondered
Master Dodd’s terrible crime.
He vowed to save His Master Fenris,
and return the Knights to honor.
He would rise from the ashes, a great Crusader,
all for his Heavenly Father.

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