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GOA26 – Questions

Guardians Of Atlanta 26

In the halls of Alethea Church,
Fortune spoke with her friends,
About how things with Master Fenris and William
Just seemed to have no end.

Fortune: “I’m telling you, it seems as if-
Everything is stalled,
Master Fenris’s healing,
And William most of all.
I’m not even sure that anyone is looking,
Did they put any knights on that mission?”

Master Dodd approached-
And her friends quieted in submission.

Master Dodd: “Fortune, would you come with me please?
Into my office post-haste?”

Master Dodd put his hands on his hips,
And scrunched his hawk-like face.

Fortune curtsied to Dodd,
As Dames of her Order do-
And followed Dodd into his office,
As tensions began to stew.

Master Dodd closed the door,
And wasted no time in speaking.

Master Dodd: “I need you to cease talking about
William, and Master Fenris’s sleeping.”

Fortune glared at Master Dodd,
And through her teeth said: “Why?”

Master Dodd: “It’s inappropriate while
We’re still investigating the spy.
Master Fenris has betrayed us all-
And William likely has too.”

Fortune: “So you continue to say, Master,
But you give no answers that are new.
What do you mean they have betrayed us?
And why can’t William be found?
Don’t we have tracking on all The Knights’ phones?”

Master Dodd: “Fortune Anderson, Stand down!
William has abandoned his phone,
And we’ve abandoned his trail.
That is all I’m able to tell you.”

Fortune’s glare did not fail.
They stood for a moment,
Eye locked on eye,
Then Dodd opened the door,
And bid her goodbye.

Fortune: “I am your humble servant, My Lord.
I will follow where you lead.
But please do not lead me somewhere-
Where we cannot succeed.”

Fortune quickly left his office,
Unsure of how to proceed,
And wondering if Dodd should prove deceptive,
Who then should she believe?

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