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WOW29 – The Rib

World of Wrestling 29
(The Rib)

Jessica’s music hit,
And she and Josh came out to the ring.
And all the crowd cheered for them.
A smile to her face they did bring.
But that smile was short lived
As she grabbed the microphone,
And the crowd then grew so very quiet,
She felt like they were alone.

Jessica: “I asked for time to address you all,
Tonight right here on this stage.
A lot has been going on in my life.
You would be amazed.
Not only am I training The Bigdog, here,
And wrestling as best as I can.
I am being targeted.
And I don’t know by who, fans.”

The crowd jeered loudly!
And booed this revelation.

Jessica: “Please, please, people.
Understand, my investigation-
Is still ongoing at this moment.
But I fear for how it will end.”

Just then three wrestlers,
Came around the bend.
Ricky Serpiente and a tag team,
Padre e Hija by name,
Dove into the the ring from three different sides.
Looking to injure and maim.

The three attacked Joshua first.
Knocking him to the floor.
Then they all turned to attack Jessica,
With evil intentions in store.
But suddenly music hit the speakers,
And The Atlantyx came out mad.

Lil’ Mack: “Back off you cockroaches!
We have that sweet bounty in the bag!”

Just then another song hit the speakers,
And out came Tony Laruex.
He clotheslined both the Atlantyx
Before they knew what to do!
He angrily grabbed Lil’ Mack’s mic,
And screamed a single name.

Tony: “Willy Rothschild, get out here!
You think this is some game??
You promised me the bounty for her!
And for her little dog too!”

William sheepishly came into the arena,
And the crowd wildly booed!
William looked and surveyed the scene.
It was obvious he knew he was caught.

William: “Look, I just want them out of my company!
So I’ll double the pay for the lot!
Attack! Get them out of here!
I’m done with this crap!”

Then another person came from the back.
His music began like a constant beat,
Of a hammer hitting a nail.
It had been so long since the crowd heard that music,
But their recognition did not fail.

Hammerin’ Hank McClannahan stepped out into view.
The president of the Board of Directors,
And WWL’s founder too.
Hank looked sternly at Will,
And all the attackers backed away.
Hank raised a mic to his lips.

Hank: “Will’s fired, effective: today!”

The crowd cheered loudly and began to sing,
Jeering him on his way,
With na na na’s, a few goodbyes,
And a couple of hey hey’s.
Joshua got back in the ring,
And shook The luchadores’ hands.
And everybody realized all along,
They’d been in on the plan.

Ricky Serpiente, and Padre e Hija
Were trying to draw the truth out,
Upsetting those conspiring in secret,
And exposing what they were about.
Joshua and Jessica hugged in the ring,
And the crowd cheered them on.
And Jessica felt like this night,
Was her career’s new dawn.

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