Guardians Of Atlanta 54
(The Call To Battle)

It didn’t take long to rescue Fenris
Once they learned his location.
The Knights grew more terrified of William
With every one of Bobby’s vibrations.
They entered his room and woke him from his sleep.
His eyes were red and his complexion was bleak.

Fenris: “William- you’re here?
Who are these two?”

William: “No time to explain.
But they’ve proved friends, too true.
Now come Master, let’s get you on your feet.”

And without a word, William pulled Fenris up and he gave a screech.

William sat him back down in haste.

Cyrus: “His legs are broken. We’ll have to carry him.”

Bobby: “Man, these guys are a disgrace.”

William: “Do either of you have a phone?”

Both: “Yes.”

William: “Cyrus, an ambulance call.”

Just as she went to dial, it rang from a number she didn’t know at all.

Cyrus: “Hello, I’m sorry but I’m kind of busy.”

Fortune: “Don’t hang up Cyclone!
This is Shieldmaiden! Seriously!
You need to get down to Alethea Church!
Everything has combusted!
The knights have all taken one side or another,
against those that they once trusted!”

Cyrus looked at her friends with wide eyes.

Cyrus: “There’s a fight at Alethea Church.”

Fenris: “Go, William.”

William: “I’m on my way.”

And Fenris held his gut in a lurch.

Cyrus: “Hold on William! I’m coming too!”

She ran after him in a flash.

Bobby: “So I got old man duty?
I better get paid in cash!”

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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