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GOA43 – The Great Phantasma’s Wand

Guardians Of Atlanta 43
(The Great Phantasma’s Wand)

Carnival life can be very hard
on anyone, great or small.
But for Bobby Carter, the hardest things
were what he loved most of all.
The summer he turned ten,
he began to do more chores.
Pounding tent stakes, hauling loads,
and selling tickets in scores.
Then one day his birthday came
and he received a gift
that Madame Jemima had made with her hands
for all that he did lift.

Jemima: “You’ve become strong.”
she said to him as he unwrapped his reward.
“I’m very proud of the work you’ve done.”

Bobby: “Did you buy me a sword?!”

Jemima laughed and shook her head
as he pulled out a wand.
He gave her a somewhat quizzical look.

Jemima: “Sorry, that guess was wrong.
But this wand will give you an act
that no one will forget.
It creates illusions in thin air;
but you need to practice with it.
I used a special light and stone
that were given to me years ago.
And it’s not too dissimilar
from old toys like a kaleidoscope.”

Bobby: “This is cool and all”
Bobby said with a frown.
“But I really wanted a sword.”

Jemima: “Somehow I think that you will find
this wand won’t make you bored.”

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