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ITR17 – What Are You?

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 17
(What Are You?)

Amanda ran with her special codes
As fast as her legs could carry her.
She almost ran past Dex Cramer
While trying to get to the servers.
But Dex put his hands up,
And slowed her down to a march.

Dex: “There’s not enough scrap for a cloaker.
I couldn’t find a hilomian arch
I tried to to think of alternatives.
I tried every design I could think of.”

Then they both heard a ruckus
Coming from the server room up above.
Amanda whispered her response to Dex
As she pulled her gel-taser out.

Amanda: “That’s alright Dex. Don’t worry about it.
I’ve got a room to scout.”
She motioned for him to be quiet
As she slowly raised the door-hatch.
She saw Pandora at the servers
Trying to write code from scratch.
Then suddenly a panel opened up
At the base of Pandora’s neck.
Steel-plated tentacles shot out from it
And Amanda hit the deck.
Dex caught her awkwardly
And they sprawled on the floor.
Trying to keep quiet,
Which proved to be quite the chore.

Amanda climbed back up slowly,
Peeking through the hatch again.
She saw the tentacles sparking,
And retracting into Pan’s skin.
On the floor behind her
Laid their Gryvian troop.
He twitched benignly but was out like a light.
Pandora had him duped.
Amanda opened the hatch
And Pandora jumped.
Pan turned and saw her Gryvian victim
And then looked twice as stunned.
Before Amanda could say a word,
Pandora hugged her tight.

Pandora: “I didn’t even know he was there!
I couldn’t have put up a fight!”

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