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ITR16 – Stalling Out

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 16
(Stalling Out)

Coolidge sat aboard Amanda’s ship,
Bored out of his mind.

Coolidge: “Waiting to be rescued-” he decided
“Is so not my thing.”

But just as he was deciding
On what action to take,
A call rang on the ship’s communicator,
And the I.D. made him shake.

“Gryve Mandalor x32”
Was what the I.D. said.
He reached with his right wrist stump
And then his mechanical left hand instead.
Looking to hit the “More info” option,
He slipped and answered the call,
And an angry Gryvian warband leader
Came on screen and made him sprawl.

Gryvian WL: “State your name and rank, you scum!?”
The Warband Leader bellowed.
Coolidge tried to keep his cool.
But quickly began to yellow.

Coolidge: “Name and rank? Haha! Right.
Just one second I’ll have that for you.
Are you doing alright this fine day?


Gryvian WL: “Do you take me for a fool?!”

Coolidge: “Haha! Fool! No. Definitely not.”

Gryvian WL. “The tell me now! What is your name?
And what is the rank that you’ve got?!”

Coolidge reached over and hung up.

Coolidge: “Ugh, stalling was never my thing.”

Wendall popped up with a suggestion,
Speaking from the same screen.

Wendall: “Perhaps I could try to stall this one.”

Coolidge jumped again.

Coolidge: “Where in Helicopters did you come from?!”

Wendall: “I’m Wendall. The ship’s AI engine.”

Coolidge: “Oh.” Was all that Coolidge could say.

Wendall: “Meanwhile, why don’t you check out below,
They’ve captured a 320 Sphere inside,
And Amanda believes it has secrets to show.”

Coolidge: “Secrets hmm? Interesting!
I’ll slip down and check it out!”

Wendall stalled as Coolidge searched,
And Amanda’s crew tried to get out.

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