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WWW17 – Deep Breath

World Wide Warrior 17
(Deep Breath)

Following their trip to Army Dave’s
Braden and Rayen got a hotel room.
They put together all of their knowledge
But still felt a sense of gloom.
Braden now had a stealth suit ready
And communication between them was set.
They had their plans all together,
But something wasn’t quite right yet.

Rayen: “-And your batteries should last until 1 hour after
The job is scheduled to end.”

Braden: “Grandma-”

Rayen: “Just be quick and stealthy and all should be well.
If you have any extra time, do not spend.”

Braden: “Grandma-”

Rayen: “Thankfully for us,
Security seems to be a wreck.”

Braden: “Grandma would you be quiet,
And listen for a sec?!”

Rayens eyes snapped out of her focus,
And she looked in Braden’s eyes.
She saw fear within those dark orbs, shivering.
Something that he couldn’t hide.
It was not a fear for the mission ahead,
Or for California or more.
It was only for his Grandmother’s sanity,
That his eyes shook to their core.

Rayen: “I am alright, Nahuel.”
She said, using his middle name.
“I’ve just neglected to tell you the real reason,
I’m so ignited by this flame-
Of intriguing plans and subterfuge,
And International politics ensuing.
I’ve forgotten to to tell you why-
I am doing all that I’m doing.”

Rayen got up out of her chair,
By the computer she’d set up.
And she poured Braden some hot chocolate,
And put it in a little cup.
She sat down next to him on the bed,
And laid her head upon his shoulder.

Rayen: “I know I don’t act like it most of the time,
But Nahuel, I’m getting older.
Ever since your Grandfather died,
I’ve been on a downhill slide,
I’ve raised with all the ferocity I have,
At least, I’ve surely tried.
You are on the uphill swing,
You’re conservative approach-
Shows that you are thinking of the future,
And a future that’s filled with hope.
I have such a future too.
But now is what matter’s most.
If I don’t act when God gives me a chance,
And simply live and coast,
Then everything I’ve taught you would be in vain.
A hypocrite I would be-
To desert our homeland here and now,
In her greatest time of need.”

Braden slowly nodded his head.

Braden: “You miss Papi a lot.”

Rayen’s eyes then broke into tears,
And her face was contorted and fraught.

Braden: “Nothing you have taught me has been in vain.
We have to fight, you’re right.
We’ll miss Papi together now,
But after tonight, we fight.”

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