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WOW32 – The Surprise

World of Wrestling 32
(The Surprise)

Later on that same day,
Jessica arrived with Josh.
At the studio called Starlight Haven
To Meet Mr. Victor Bosch.

They walked into a photography room
With lights and white backdrops,
Cameras, tripods, wires and cables,
Costumes, catering, and props.

Jessica: “Mr. Bosch, I’d like you to meet
Your project for today.”

Mr. Bosch: “Come! Come! Step into the light!
Please, get out of the way!”

Mr. Bosch was a tiny man,
With dark sunglasses for-
Seemingly shielding the blinding light
That shined from his bald head and pores.
He sweated profusely under the lights,
As he pushed Josh into his view.

Mr. Bosch: “Hmmm nothing extraordinary to work with.
But I suppose he will do.”

Joshua: “Hold it! Jessica! What’s going on?”

Jessica: “I told you. This is your surprise!
Image consultation from the best!”

Then Josh widened his eyes.
He watched in horror as they came with brushes,
Putting makeup all over his face.
And in the din of their ramblings and ruckus,
Heard this simple phrase.

Mr. Bosch: “I don’t get the sense of a superstar.
Just a wrestler from the South.
We have to do something about that.”

Joshua continued his pout.

A few hours later,
After the shoot was completed,
The three of them went into a room.
They sat at a table in the center.
Josh tried to hide his gloom.

Mr. Bosch tapped something on his cell phone,
And a projector descended from the ceiling.
It projected drawings of a wrestler,
That gave Joshua a sick feeling.

Mr. Bosch: “Now it’s time to go over,
How we market you.
The Big Dog is so very generic.
It will simply not do.”

This was the breaking point for Joshua.
He looked into Jessica’s eyes.
That one look of horror and dissatisfaction,
Radiated all it implied.
Joshua stood up and stormed out of the room.
Jessica followed behind.
Joshua wondered if Jessica
Had simply lost her mind.

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