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ITR50 – Interviewing Amanda Canine

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 50
(Interviewing Amanda Canine)

Jarvis set armed guards on Pandora
And Blayze as well.
He split them up and put them-
In two different holding cells.
As he finished noting his thoughts,
He commanded the last captive be sent in.
His daughter Amanda was escorted to her chair-
And quickly stuck out her chin.

Jarvis: “If anyone were looking in on us,
They’d guess you were interrogating me.”

Amanda: “If not for the handcuffs you insisted on using
Instead of letting your own daughter’s hands free.”

Jarvis: “I’m just following procedure, Amanda.”

Amanda: “That’s your excuse every time!”

Jarvis: “At least I have an excuse, young lady!”

Amanda: “All you do is whine!
I chose this life of mine!”

Jarvis: “You chose a life of crime!
Now tell me who the Sylvanis are!”

Amanda’s expression changed, confused.

Amanda: “You came so so far…
And you didn’t come to capture your daughter?
You were tracking those two!?
I don’t even know them that well.
They haven’t been long in my crew.”

Jarvis: “There’s been a signal Gryve’s been tracking.
We’ve been tracking it too.”

Amanda: “And here it led you to your daughter.”

Jarvis: “I had no intention of finding you.”

Amanda: “Oh right. That’s not procedure.
You’re ‘interest is compromised.’”

Jarvis: “Just tell me who they are, Amanda.
And I’ll ask for your sentence to be downsized.”

Amanda: “I met them at some diner
Out near the Sylvani Trace.
I needed experienced ITR Techs.
And I was told that that was the place.
We met and exchanged a few words,
Then they joined the team.
There’s nothing weird about them, I swear.”

Jarvis: “Now isn’t that an amazing thing…
Amanda, I know my own daughter.
You wouldn’t be so quick to defend,
These folks if they were really nobody.”

Amanda: “I’ve grown fond of them.
And besides, they’re a part of my team.
I treat them like family.
Something you wouldn’t know anything about.”

Jarvis stared at her, silently.

Jarvis: “Give me their names, Amanda.”

Amanda: “They go by Pandora and Blayze.”

Jarvis: “If that’s really all you know,
Then get the hell out of my face.”

Jarvis called his nearby guard.
But the guard did not respond.
Amanda smiled big and bright.

Amanda: “Is there something wrong?”

But as she dreamed of her crew taking charge,
And helping her to escape,
They heard a voice over the intercom,
That made both their jaws gape.

Voice: “This is Commander Niron Clyg.
In the name of Emperor Gryve,
All Federation officers are to stand down,
Or this station, you will not leave.”

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