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ITR3 – Pandora’s Box

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 3
(Pandora’s Box)

Once away from the Diner’s port,
Everything in the ship fell out of sorts.
People yelling and pointing the finger of blame

Blayze: “What is your problem, and what is this, a game?!”

Amanda: “It’s not my fault the rangers recognized me!”

Young Man from the Bridge: “Whatever, we’re safe, chill out, ladies.”

Blayze: “I will not chill out! She could have got us killed.”

James: “But she didn’t, and I saved you. So once again, chill.”

Blayze went to protest this point once again.
But Pandora looked weak from all that had happened.
His bristling changed to a tone of worry.
He came over and held her,

Amanda: “Tomorrow we’ll tell our stories.
For now it seems like everyone is beat.
I’ll show you two to your quarters.”

She led them there, discreet.

Once Amanda had left, Pandora cracked a smile.
And let out a soft whimper, as if she’d just ran miles.

Pandora: “I’m so very tired.”

Blayze: “Just sit back and relax.
In fact, lay on your stomach,
and I’ll rub your back.”

Pandora did as Blayze requested,

She laid on her pillow and quietly rested.
But she didn’t know the massage she got was not a normal one.
Blayze opened a panel in her back where wires and circuits were spun.
He connected her to an outlet, to charge there overnight.
And he fixed a few connections, that weren’t exactly just right.

Blayze: “You went through a lot today.
You sound really drained.”

Pandora: “I don’t know why I get like this.
Sometimes it drives me insane.
I feel like a normal girl sometimes,
And others I feel helpless.”

Blayze: “That’s what you’ve got me for, Pandora.
And you’re here so I’m not friendless.
And don’t feel that you’re abnormal at all.
you’re as human as you can be.”

Blayze looked inside her back and saw her heart, pumping normally.
For all the wires were attached to a human heart, it’s true.
And As he put Pandora in sleep mode,
He cried a tear, anew.

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