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GOA62 – The Mayor’s Party

Guardians Of Atlanta 62
(The Mayor’s Party)

When Amira and Keri arrived at the party,
The ballroom was lavish and grand.
Chandeliers, punch-fountains, and a hardwood dance floor
Were among this party’s great span
Of decorations and amenities.
Amira had never seen the like.
And she was beginning to hope she’d enjoy herself.

Keri: “Don’t put up a fight.
You sit at this table and don’t move a muscle!”

Without another word, Keri began to bustle
About, hob-knobbing with people of local power.
Amira’s expression became once-again, sour.

But in a few moments a regal young man
With a cape looked over at her.
He had a sword strapped to his hip,
And Amira wasn’t sure
What to make of him.
Did he think this was a ren-fair?
Then she found herself checking
to make sure of the placement of her hair.

The young man walked right over
And sat down next to her.

Young Man: “How are you?”

Amira: “I’m not a little girl.”
Young Man: “Of that, I am quite sure.
The way you hold your head gives your age away.
I’d say roughly 17.”

Amira: “18 in a few days.”

Young Man: “Why so quick to blurt that out?
Why so quick to protest?”

Amira: “I don’t know. People seem to talk down to me.”

Young Man: “This is utter nonsense.
Why would people look down on you,
Simply because you’re small?”

Amira smiled at this comment.
And shrugged with no answer at all.

Amira: “What about you?
What’s with the cape and sword?”

Young Man: “Well I’m a Knight in a modern order.
That serves Jesus, our Lord.”

Amira: “Oh that’s kinda cool, I guess.
Why’d they tie it down?”

Amira pointed to the cable ties,
That around the sword’s hilt were wound.

Young Man: “Oh just for security.
They don’t trust folks with weapons.
But I must wear it for ceremony’s sake.
I’m not trying to threaten.
So what’s your name? Would you like to dance?”

Amira blushed at the thought, and simply gave him her hand.

Amira: “Amira Kadru. What is your name?”

Young Man: “William Avery. Amira, I’m glad you came.”

The two moved to the dance floor and danced to a waltz.
Amira pondering if he was true or false.
But she put most of those critical thoughts aside.
For now she felt like a young woman, for the first time in her life.

William: “So tell me, Amira. Why are you so small?”

Amira: “I guess just bad genetics.
I’d love to be tall. But basically,
I never reached full maturity.”

William: “That shouldn’t matter.
In the end, People should care, surely.”

Amira: “Well they don’t. I’ve been in the system
since I was about 7.
You’d think I’m have been adopted by now.”

She faltered in her rhythm-
And stepped on William’s brown leather boots.
She stumbled and blushed brightly.
And William started to speak to her-
But was interrupted kindly.

The Master of Ceremonies introduced the Mayor of Atlanta
For a special speech.
And all in the room quieted to hear.
From the greatest to the least.

Mayor: “Thank you all very much,
For attending this party.
I suppose you’re all wondering why I threw it,
And since your minds are not tardy,
I did have a specific reason,
For asking you here tonight.
And I’d ask you to step behind the red line
And we will show you a sight.”

Everyone stepped behind the red line of tape,
As security put up a clear barricade.
The people stood in confusion as the Mayor continued his speech.

Mayor: “Here in Atlanta, in the land of the peach-
We here have a problem. Crime is on the rise!
And to stop the crime in it’s tracks,
Here is your surprise!”

A cop in standard blues came out,
And he was a very large man.
But nothing seemed amiss about him.
No one understood the plan.

Mayor: “This is Warren James.
He is the answer to our prayers!
We’ve been experimenting with this noble volunteer
And now he’s a major player!
With some genetic modifications,
He can now create
Indestructible force fields
And so alleviate
A large number of our security concerns,
And yes, I know what you’re thinking.
This sounds like a comic book, Mayor Jackson!
What have you been drinking?
I swear to you all it’s completely true!
And now, for full disclosure-”

A voice came from the other side of the room.

Voice: “Everyone, the party’s over!”
Amira shot a look at the one, who spoke the angry words.
She saw a squad of Security officers,
Standing down men with swords.

William: “Brock…”

Was William’s first reaction.

William: “We have to get out of here now.”

Amira grabbed William’s hand tight,
as sweat dripped down her brow.

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