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GOA64 – The Mayor’s Proposal

Guardians Of Atlanta 64
(The Mayor’s Proposal)

Following the skirmish with the rogue knights,
The party got back to normal.
Things were cleaned up and the Mayor insisted
To continue the special formal.
Many went home, but many stayed,
And celebrated Warren James.
Who had just carved out a name for himself
In the Atlanta police Hall of Fame.

Amira was still in shock
From all that she had seen.
She had stood and fought against rogue knights,
And she was just a small teen!
But above all she somehow made a force field,
And caught one of them inside.
But she didn’t have time to think about it.
Because she heard a voice that was snide.

Keri: “Where were you, you stupid little girl!?
You run off like that again and-“

Amira: “I think I’m gonna hurl.”

The Mayor then stepped over,
As Keri grabbed Amira’s arm.

Mayor: “What is wrong my dear?
What’s the reason for alarm?”

Keri: “Mayor Jackson!
I-I loved your presentation!”

Mayor: “Thank you ma’am, but I’d like to commend
This little girl sensation.”

Amira: “I’m actually 17. Almost 18 in fact.”

Mayor: “Really? Come sit down, you two,
Sit down and relax.”

He led them over to a special table
Where coffee was being served.
And conversation was wonderful.
But Amira’s mind still swirled.
What in the world was going on?
And how would it change her destiny?
Keri listened mostly in the conversation.
But stared at Amira jealously.

The mayor’s full attention was on Amira,
Asking her questions like:

“Where are you from?”,
“What do you enjoy?”
And, “What was your childhood like?”

Amira answered each question in kind
And was enamored by the Mayor.
He was so charismatic.
He really seemed to care about her.
And his gestures were so emphatic
They made her laugh and smile and forget
Nearly all she’d just been through,
All that dangerous threat.

Then a few hours later,
When most had left the event,
The Mayor spoke once more to Amira.

Mayor: “Where do you build your tent?
I mean, where is it you currently live?”

Amira: “I live with Keri. My social worker.”

Keri: “It’s the least I can do.”

Mayor: “So she’s almost 18, has never been adopted,
and has no place to go to?”

Keri: “No sir,
and don’t think I haven’t tried.”

Mayor: “Of course not, Keri. I wouldn’t think that.
But it is something that I’d-
Love to take on since she’s turning 18.
Just being let out of the system is risky,
I’d provide for her a clean-
living space and practically anything she’d like.
Get her on her feet in this world,
So she doesn’t have to hide.”

Amira could hardly believe her ears.
Was this the moment at last?
Would she finally be adopted here,
And be set free from her past?

Keri: “It’s unorthodox, Mayor Jackson.
That much is for sure.
But I’m not exactly in a position,
To keep your request from her.
Yyou’re the one who signs my checks.
That much I must stress.
If you want to take Amira home with you,
I say ”Be my guest.”

Mayor: “Wonderful! Temporary guardianship
For a week-long-period.
Then You’ll turn 18, Amira,
And your options will be myriads.”

Amira could contain herself no longer.
She cried and leaped at the Mayor.
She hugged him and told him “Thank you.”
for all that he had gave her.
Tonight Amira would sleep in a bed
Especially prepared for her.
Instead of a revolving turns-dial system
That provided nothing sure.

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