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WWW21 – Stop This Crazy!

World Wide Warrior 21
(Stop This Crazy!)

Following the treachery of Mukhtar Imran-
And his hypnotism of The Governor,
Braden and Rayen Silversmith
Worked with one another.
They followed the trail that Mukhtar left them.
Trying to decipher his tracks.
But in the process of tracking him down,
They turned a corner, and couldn’t look back.

One physical confrontation,
Turned into two or three.
Soon Braden was doing nightly patrols,
Saving victims from burglary-
Arson, Muggings and more.
There was never any telling what was in store-
When The Warrior of California stepped out of his house-
When Braden stepped out of his door.

One night after Braden came limping home,
He entered the house with a yawn and a moan.

Rayen: “Welcome back, Nahuel,
Dinner’s in the fridge.”

Braden: “I think I’ll pass.

Rayen: “Do you remember the bridge?
The one you saved those jumpers from?”

Braden: “Grandma, can you chill a sec?
I feel super numb.”

Rayen: “I’m just telling you today they reported-
The Warrior of California saved them.”

Braden: “Grandma, we need to stop this crazy.”

Rayen: “Not a chance, Braden!
You’re giving hope to this crazy city!
You’re being an example to all!
You can take breaks as you need to.
But Los Angeles needs you to stand tall!”

Braden: “Well, I’m definitely taking a break
Tomorrow night for sure.
I don’t know what she’d do to me
If I didn’t bring her-
Chips and soda to her party.
Daniella would destroy me.”

Rayen: “Go to the party, Nahuel.
Relax, and enjoy, and see-
That you make this state so much better,
Than it used to be.”

Braden fell asleep on the couch.
While Rayen drank some tea.

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