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GOA77 – Diagnosis: Day Two

Guardians Of Atlanta 77
(Diagnosis: Day Two)

This poem is written in the voice of Marlynn Xanadu.

What a night it was indeed.
Amy slept very well.
I however tossed and turned
Wondering what kind of spell
Or who would ever inflict this damage
On themselves or another?
It was a puzzle I had to solve
Though the thought of it made me shudder.

Day 2:

Day 2 overall seemed a lot better.
Though Amy was nowhere to be seen.
I’m still convinced she’s the actual person
In this cavalcade of personalities obscene.

Personality 4:

This personality seemed somewhat confused.
And somewhat clumsy as well.
She spoke in a Southern accent,
And so I called her Belle.
The most interesting thing that Belle did,
Was not something that she said.
But she started building something using whatever
Laid around her instead.
She seemed very mechanically inclined,
And so I let her do-
Whatever it is she had in mind.
But that plan went askew.

Jezebel transitioned smoothly,
And swung the half-made object at me.
I held her down and tied her up.
And she cursed at me with glee.
I get to more of this later on in
“The Jezebel Principle.”
But for now I have to treat this as something
That isn’t exactly fixable.

Personality 5:

The next personality shift
Was far more violent than normal.
She twisted and convulsed in her bonds,
It seemed almost paranormal.
But when she came out of her shifting state,
She inquired if I had been hurt.
I told her no, realizing this was someone else,
And glad I could rest for a spurt.
This personality seemed very calm and loving.
Maybe undyingly faithful.
She spoke of a son she lost long ago
It sounded incredibly painful.
This one I named Mary,
for she spoke only of her son.
And that reminded me of the mother of Jesus.
And I admit, I got lost in this one.

Personality 6:

Just as I was about to release her bonds,
Her voice changed abruptly in tone.
This time more of a teenager’s voice.
Someone who seemed far from home.
She actually kissed me as I leaned down
And I backed away in a fright.
She laughed and playfully mocked my reaction,
And her smile was seductive and slight.

I ignored this one as much as possible
Due to my embarrassment.
Though what she said was still interesting
And it was apparent,
This personality was most carnal of all.
Playful in every possible thing.
I put her down as Britney.
Cause she reminded me of popstars who sing.

The Jezebel Principle:

All these things being said,
About personalities great and small.
The one thing I have seemed to overlook,
Might be most important of all.
Jezebel is deceitful
Deceitful as can be.
She’ll even act like the others
To try and fool me.
Some of these personalities
Might just be a con.
In fact all of them could be.
But I think that’s wrong.
They all seem like echoes to me
Except for sweet Amy.
I plan to help her somehow.
I will help this lady.

Final Diagnosis:

Some want to leave,
Some want to stay.
Some want help,
And some want to play.
But the constant thing between all of these,
Is that Mountain of Stone.
Whatever is troubling her, the answer is there.
And she will not go alone.
I will use all the money I’ve saved,
And by hook or by crook get us down-
To Stone Mountain, Georgia to find out-
What makes this lovely girl frown.

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