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WWW11 – Quick Prep

World Wide Warrior 11
(Quick Prep)

The three of our heroes worked through the night,
To ready the Silversmith home.
Jonathan, Rayen and Braden,
Only some of them could roam.
It was decided Jonathan would stay,
After he volunteered.

Jonathan: “I got your guys’ back on this one. ‘Sides,
I don’t think they’re coming back here.”

Braden: “Thanks, Jonathan. We appreciate this.”

Rayen: “Yes. More than you know.”

Jonathan: “I’ll run the house. You guys get the tape.”

Braden: “Let’s put an end to their show.”

Braden stuffed the last of a short list,
Of belongings into a backpack.
There wasn’t enough time or space,
To take anything but a light snack-
A few pairs of clothes and some money.
And Rayen Reminded and warned-
Braden to bring his Tomahawk.
Shadowlash sat in his pocket in a form
an old credit card.
No one would think it odd.

Rayen: “Let’s pray before we go.”

The boys bowed their heads with a nod.

Rayen: “Protect us all, Great Spirit, Jesus.
In your name, Amen.”

Braden: “Let’s hit the road and find this tape.’
We’ll stop these evil men.”

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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