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WOW30 – Somewhere

World of Wrestling 30

At a downtown house of waffles,
Joshua and Jessica sat,
On two barstools next to each other,
Eating and enjoying a chat.
The evening had been very successful,
And they celebrated the night-
That marked a turning point in their careers,
And put Will Rothschild to flight.

They’d been talking for over an hour,
About various things,
Ranging from the boring and mundane
To old exploits in the ring.
But Jessica then put her hand on Joshua’s
And looked him in the eyes.
He did not instantly pull away.
But stared at her in surprise.

Jessica: “I know you like to sleep in that van,
And I know its how you like it.
But I insist on reserving split suites.
You simply have to try it.
If I am going to mentor you,
And make you all you can be,
You need to live a more accommodating lifestyle.
Even if its not luxury.”

Joshua thought for a moment,
And looked down to think.
He stared at the floor for a long moment,
And he didn’t even blink.
At once his bowed-
low head bobbed up
And he smiled as he replied.

Joshua: “Thank you Jessica. I will accept.”

Jessica almost cried.

Jessica: “That is awesome! I’ll reserve-
A split suite for us tonight.
In fact I’ll do it on my phone,
While we drive back, alright?”

Joshua: “But you drove us here in your car.”

Jessica: “You can drive it. That’s fine.
As long as I’m in the front seat,
I will not ever mind.”

Jessica went to type on her phone,
As they paid their bill and left.
Joshua seemed to her very nervous.
But she didn’t know why yet.
It couldn’t have been about the suite.
He was okay with that.
They got in the car and buckled their seatbelts-
And she thought that that was that.

They got to the edge of the parking lot,
And she turned the radio on.
And as soon as she did, it played
A very old and well known song.

Joshua slammed on the breaks of the car,
And immediately put it in park.
He got out of the car and paced nervously,
Stumbling in the dark.

Joshua: “Not again. Not again.”

He muttered to himself
As thoughts struggled to escape his mind.
Jessica approached him cautiously,
And said in a voice that was kind,

Jessica: “You’ve driven me in your van before.
You’ve driven with me by your side.”

Joshua: “But the last I’d driven a small car with someone-
Was the night Ann…”

Jessica’s eyes began to well up.

Jessica: “Okay. I’ll drive instead.”
They switched seats and Jessica drove
To save Joshua the dread.
Their future was shaky at the very best.
But they both had a chance now,
To show any new suits at the WWL
How many crowds they could wow.

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