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WOW39 – Sweetest Sixteen

World of Wrestling 39
(Sweetest Sixteen)


Ann: “Why am I blindfolded?” Ann giggled,
As Joshua led her down the hall.

Joshua: “No reason. Don’t worry.
There’s no surprise at all.”

Ann chuckled and sat down,
In a chair Joshua led her to
And then she felt upon her face
Something somewhat new.

Ann: “Are you growing whiskers?”
She asked playfully
Though she smelled the paint.

Joshua: “Yeah, but that’s not what you feel.”

Ann: “Yeah, I know it ain’t.”

Ann smiled as Joshua continued,
His artistry on her face,
He crafted a rainbow butterfly,
On her right-cheek’s space.
She’d just come from swim practice.
She hadn’t changed out of her suit.
And she wore colorful shorts over her lower half
Bearing images of tropical fruit.

Ann: “So now that you’re done,
Do I get to see?

Joshua: “Just a minute more, darling.”

Joshua helped her out of her seat.
He led her just a little further,
Into a darkened barn.
He pulled the blindfold off of her face,
And she was instantly swarmed.

“Surprise!” Came the voice of all of her friends,
With painted faces and crazy clothes.
Lights and fog machines radiated,
This was quite the show!
Music thumped from a corner DJ,
And Joshua pulled her close for a dance.
What followed was the greatest night of Ann’s life.
Soundtracked by soaring trance.

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