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ITR9 – Storm’s A’Comin’

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 9
(Storm’s A’Comin’)

And so the band of techs arrived,
At Coolidge’s space station home.
The completely cloaked assortment of parts,
Would have looked like a ring around a dome.
If seen without it’s cloaking on,
A sight it would be to behold!
But coordinates sent to The Magnus Canis let them dock.
And into action they rolled.

It didn’t take Amanda and Coolidge long,
To get everyone on task.
His project seemed straightforward enough,
And Blayze was blazing fast.
Reconnecting lines to solar panels,
And tweaking orbital defaults.
Amanda worked alongside him,

Blayze: “So… What’s up, boss?”

Amanda: “Not much, man. 
Sorry we haven’t talked.
This is how it is sometimes.
Way more walk that talk.”

Blayze: “Yeah. So how did you get into ITR?”

Amanda: “Now there’s a story that’s truly bizarre.”

Amanda chuckled and ripped off a panel.
She pulled some wires that sparked,
And those, she began to dismantle.

Amanda: “Now for every story I tell you,
You’ve got to tell me yours.
So don’t think I’m just some open book.
You’ve got to pay for my mind’s tours.”

Blayze: “Alright, go ahead.
What you got for me?”

Amanda: “I left home when I was 19.
I had to get out and be free.
My Father’s a General 
In the Galactic Federation.
It was all laws and rules with him.
No room for my improvisation.
So how about you, Silvani-man?
What’s with you and Pandora?”

Blayze: “We’ve been friends for a long time.
And we like this sector’s aura.
We’ve been traveling around,
Searching for a home.
A place to finally settle down.
A place to call our own.
But I’m not sure if we ever will.
We love to travel-about.
And we love ITR way too much,
To be bored and do without.”

Amanda smiled and the two continued,
Working in harmony.
While in the docked ship, The Magnus Canis,
Someone had broken free.
The Gryvian troop the team had captured,
Was skulking through the ship.
Unaware if he could escape,
and give his captors the slip.

But suddenly, he heard a sound,
Near the port-side airlock.
He jumped behind a stack of crates,
And saw a man step in from the dock.
The man was paunchy, and had a red beard.
And he rubbed his mechanical hands.

Coolidge: “Wow, Amanda? That was your password?
Give me a break, man!”

The man came aboard and commented to himself,
On how cool The Magnus Canis was.
And thoughts within the Gryvian troop spun,
As vile plans in his mind buzzed.

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