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Rayen Silversmith

Summary: Rayen is the grandmother of Braden Silversmith, and an important member of COURAGE.

Birth Name: Rayen (Starr) Silversmith
Other Aliases: Starmother, Rayen Starr,
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 170 lbs
Ethnicity: Half Cherokee, half Apache
Age During Year 0 of their personal timeline: 55

Remarkable Traits or Abilities: Excellent with computers, Resilient and Resourceful,

Affiliations: COURAGE, The Silversmith Family, The Sanctuary

Personal Timeline: Rayen was born into an Apache family in Fort Apache, Arizona. She developed a close bond with Simeon, a man who stayed with her family while conducting research on the reservation. After Rayen’s brother Nahari died in the Vietnam War, her father Itza-Chu suggested that Simeon marry Rayen, and they had a son named Jengo.

Jengo grew up on the reservation, pursued a degree in computer science in England, and married Ariel Meadowlark. They had a son named Braden. Tragically, Jengo and Ariel disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, leaving Braden in the care of his grandparents. During this time, Rayen’s father, Simeon, battled cancer and eventually passed away. Rayen raised Braden as a widowed grandmother, instilling in him the values of a warrior.

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