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WOW25 – The Board

World Of Wrestling 25
(The Board)

The Board of Directors was made up of wrestlers,
From days of grappling gone by.
As Jessica and Joshua came into the room,
Almost all of them said hi.
Ben “The Rocket” Armstrong stood up,
And shook both their hands.
As did WWL’s champion,
“The War Monster” Warren Nickolson.
Next in line to shake their hand,
Was a Women’s legend known as Herra.
But her real name was Francine Wilson,
And she was a terror in her era.
The final two were the ones,
Who would ultimately make the calls.
One was William Rothschild,
The other was stout and tall.

He was a world champion thirty years ago,
And he owned the majority share,
In WWL’s business stock,
And all that lay in there.
He was a multi-millionare,
With a dynasty of wrestling sons.
His name was “Hammerin'” Hank McClannahan,
And he would be the one-
Who Jessica planned to focus on,
In that meeting they had,
Joshua said he’d follow her lead,
And ask if he had anything to add.

Hank: “Jessica, babe! It’s good to see you!
How’s every little thing?”

Jessica: “Good to see you too, Hank. I’m okay.
Minus some stuff in the ring.”

Hank: “Yes, I saw what happened the other night,
And William has something to say,
I think it might clear up our little issues,
And make this all go away.

Jessica stared right into Will,
And she thought for a second, he flinched.
But he kept his calm and suave composure.
His face said he had this clinched.

William: “Well, Jessica, as you know, I’m a very busy man.
And sometimes I make mistakes.
It just so happens I told Tony Laruex,
That his re-debut match, I’d make-
For the beginning of the show,
But I didn’t specify which one.
His re-debut was to happen next week.
Against one of Hank’s sons.”

Jessica’s hands formed into fists,
But she held them tight to her side.

Hank: “Now, this doesn’t mean William won’t go unpunished,
But I want to hear your side.”

Jessica: “Ever since last Summer, Will has been on me,
Trying to make my life rough.
Because I beat his daughter Terralynn,
And showed she wasn’t that tough.
She wasn’t ready to be in the ring,
And she got hurt by me.
I didn’t do it to embarrass her,
And I didn’t do it to be mean.
It was an accident, through and through,
But William still holds a grudge.
How else do you explain that 3 on 2 match,
Hank, you be the judge!
This is all a personal agenda!
A vendetta against me!
Now my protege, Joshua has suffered,
Since he jumped in, the hero to be!”

Herra moved to jump in the conversation,
And Jessica complied.

Herra: “I do have concerns for the women on the roster.
But this cannot be denied,
William has given you much in your career,
Your virtually unknown before him.
He’s the one who gave you your big break.
And your accusations are grim.”

Warren: “And not to be on one side or another,
But when Joshua was backstage,
The Atlantyx and him had a run-in,
So I can’t say that I’m amazed-
That Will put you all in that match,
But I wish he’d evened the odds.
I don’t see a personal vendetta,
I don’t see probable cause.”

Ben: “You all can’t see it? You’ve got to be kidding me!
It’s clear as the day is long!
William is pulling shenanigans again!
It’s the old Rothschild song!
Why do you think we have so many complaints,
About how people are booked?
It’s time we suspend Will here and now!
Somebody just wake up and look!”

Hank: “Calm down, Rocket!
This isn’t the way.
We have to be supportive,
Of everyone this day.
Jessica, I’m sorry,
But until you have proof,
There’s simply nothing I can do.”

Jessica: “You’re totally aloof!
Have you not seen the things that he does?
Or the people that he hurts?
This is going to bite you in the rear!
As long as he’s here, you’re cursed!”

Jessica grabbed Josh by the hand,
And angrily stormed out of the room.
Not sure exactly what she’d do,
But knowing this needed to end soon.

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