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GOA18 – Not Helping

Guardians Of Atlanta 18
(Not Helping)

Phones rang in the police station, And everyone hustled ’round.
Then John Holbrook came over to see the Jones’ And then with them, sat down.
He was a veteran officer, Who wore his badge with pride.
And he tried to be calm and sympathetic, As he asked questions and prayed.

James: “Cyrus, will you please tell me again, What you saw on that night?”

Cyrus: “I saw something shining in our field, It gave off a metallic light.
And Connor and I went to look, And see what it was.
It was about the size of a bar stool’s seat, And it gave off a low buzz.
After we stared for a few seconds, It floated up off the ground.
We both ran as fast as we could. But-“

Her resolve devolved into a frown.
Her frown drowned into a cry, And soon more tears were shed.

James: “I think that’s all I need for now Cyrus, Would you like some banana bread?”
Cyrus shook her head at the offer, And John looked over at Reed

James: “Mr. and Mrs. Jones, will you come with me? There’s just a couple forms I need.”

Reed and his wife Emily, Followed John down the hall.
Then John dropped his niceness And left them feeling called.

James: “Mr. and Mrs. Jones, I’ll say this to you straight out,
Your girl needs some major help, Of that I have no doubt.
I can give you a recommendation for psychiatric help, If you’d like it now.”

Emily: “My daughter is not crazy!”

Reed: “Calm down, Em. Calm down.” Reed looked John right in the eyes, And lowly spoke these words,
“I believe my daughter’s story. And I believe your evaluation is absurd.”

James: “Then maybe you all should get some help. So to you, I say good day.”
And John Holbrook got back to his work, Leaving Cyrus with no way,
To find out truly what happened to Connor, Or who was behind it all.
Reed and Emily took Cyrus home, As her eyes continued to bawl.

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