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WOW20 – Understanding

World Of Wrestling 20

Jessica: “I talked with Gary Horner.
He had some things to say,
About why you seem afraid of me,
And why when I’m close you won’t stay.
He told me about Ann, Joshua.”

Joshua stopped dead in his tracks.

Jessica: “Why did you keep it a secret from me?
I won’t judge. You can relax.”

Joshua sat for a minute,
In quiet contemplation.
Staring blankly forward at the ground,
He needed some motivation.

Jessica put a hand on his shoulder
And he looked at her.

Jessica: “Don’t you worry
You don’t have to be sure.
I’m so thankful for your friendship.
You’ve re-invigorated me-
To fight inside the squared circle,
And really, just to be me.
You deserve a loyal friend,
Who won’t push for more.
But you need to stick with me, Joshua Slayter.
As a manager, I have a lot more in store.”

Joshua smiled, and then he laughed,
And he went back into his van.
He came out with an acoustic guitar,
And a pick in the other hand.
He sang some songs with her that night,
About friendship, loss, and life,
And together they celebrated their new friendship,
On the tailgate, by the moonlight.

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