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WOW23 – Jessica Valero Vs. Mystery Opponent

World Of Wrestling 23
(Jessica Valero Vs. Mystery Opponent)

Jessica Valero had had many matches,
Where the odds were stacked.
But she never backed down from a fight.
She never turned her back.
Joshua wanted to come with her,
Since she didn’t know who her opponent was.
But she told him she’d take on anyone.
A Supergirl is what a Supergirl does.

Jessica came first to the ring,
In her usual manner.
Then another theme song hit,
That made her heart begin to stammer.

“All aboard!!” Came the screaming music
And her eyes forced open wide.
It made fear begin to rise in her chest,
And sucked away all her pride.

Six-foot-eleven, Mixed Martial Artist,
Tony Laruex stepped on stage,
And Jessica could not hide the fact,
That she was completely phazed.
The Announcers on the TV side,
Screamed how this was wrong.
And compared how Tony’s arms were
As Jessica’s legs were long.

Jessica backed up into a corner,
As Tony smiled maliciously.
Jessica had enough,
And went to dropkick his knee.
She missed as he sidestepped
Her attack with ease.
He grabbed her by the throat,
And she began to beg “Please!”

Just then as if a Red Rocket was launched,
Joshua Slayter hit the ring.
Trouble was being brought to Jessica,
So trouble he would bring!
He speared right into Tony’s knee,
And Tony went down to one.
Josh bounced off the ropes and came back with fire,
But Tony had this won.
The bell rang in disqualification,
And Tony Laruex grabbed-
Joshua Slayter around his stomach,
And Suplexed him onto his back.

Joshua hit his head hard on the mat,
And was knocked for a loop.
Then Jessica leveled Tony
In one insane fell swoop.

Jessica: “Get away from him!!!
This isn’t fair!”

She said as she hit him over and over,
With the flat of a steel chair.

Security came running into the ring,
And separated the two.
She ran over to Joshua, worrying,
Not sure what to do.

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