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GOA109 – The Ballade of Harbingella

Guardians Of Atlanta 109
(The Ballade of Harbingella)

Snow fell from the silent ‘bove
In that tiny village in the east-
Where homes full of Christian love
Brought joy from greatest to least.
And warmth and fellowship at every feast
Save the darkness that loomed within
The 12 year old daughter of the priest.
No one would survive her sin.

Though no reason was given for her switch
She radiated darkness throughout.
She practiced the art of a witch
Secretly with none knowing about-
How gleeful and without a doubt-
She planned and executed her scheme
Though she seemed pious and devout
Fiery hell ran through her bloodstream.

The town burned- black on snow-
Gave symmetry to the sound-
Of desolation in her soul.
But she lusted for more towns
To flicker, ember, and burn down.
So off she walked to see
What villages- She made the rounds-
Would raise a spark as easily.

A Few more towns fell victim to
The same fate as the last.
Fire consuming all then flew
Across nearby towns and fast.
But though the desolation vast-
Many people began to catch on
And questions did they then ask
How to stop her before the dawn.

She changed her tactics as she grew
To influencing others to wreak-
The havoc that was in her heart-
She tricked others to seek.
She’d come and go within a week-
And the town would slowly fight
Until their souls had all gone bleak
And she’d drive away in the night.

This went on for her whole life
And then went on for more.
She stored a replica of her soul
In the anklet of a whore.
And every time the anklet wore-
Itself against some skin-
It possessed that person with the lore-
Her soul had held within.

What was then left of this “she,”
Three Centuries to the day
Descended upon Standing Peachtree
With malicious intent to sway-
The people to her evil way,
But she finally was quelled,
As thousands showed up that day
To end Harbingella’s spells.

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