Phineas The Sea Bard (Character)

Summary: Phineas The Sea Bard is a Mer-man and character in Joshua David Ling’s retelling of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. He serves in the court of the Sea King and is something like a School Teacher to Serena, The Little Mermaid and Princess of the Sea King.

Birth Name: Phineas (Surname Unknown)
Other Aliases: The Sea Bard
Height: 6’1” Tail to head
Weight: 255 lbs
Ethnicity: N/A
Age During Year 0 of their personal timeline: 35 years old

Remarkable Traits or Abilities: Excellent singer and songwriter, as well as teacher. Has some knowledge of dark arts and origins.

Affiliations: The Royal Sea family, Teacher of Serena, an Unknown Connection to the Sea-Witch.

Personal Timeline (Spoilers): The Sea Bard begins his part of the story by teaching Serena about Manfolk and creator, but later betrays this teaching by giving her secret knowledge leading her to The Sea-Witch. It is unknown why Phineas did this or what connection he might have to the Sea-Witch. Whatever the case may be, his motivations for giving Serena dark knowledge remains a mystery outside of telling her he β€œTrusts her longing eyes.”

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