The Stone-Cutter (Character)


The Stone-Cutter is a character from the first episode of Folk & Fairy Tales, The Stone Cutter he is a bumbling fool who wishes for far more than he could ever bargain for. He’s roughly in his 30’s and a blue-collared bachelor in ancient China.

Birth Name: Unknown
Other Aliases: The Stone-Cutter
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 200
Ethnicity: Chinese
Age During Year 0 of their personal timeline: Roughly 31

Remarkable Traits or Abilities:
Excellent at cutting and hauling stone,
Burgeoning imagination.

Affiliations: None

Personal Timeline (Spoilers):

The Stone-Cutter’s journey begins when he sets out to work on a new mountain to cut stones. As he ventures on his way, he finds that he is not alone, and the locals talk of a spirit that can grant people their desires. The Stone-Cutter, being a simple man, brushes this off as poppycock, the work of liars. However, his curiosity is piqued, and he begins to wonder what he would wish for if he were to encounter the spirit.

As he cuts his stones expertly and takes them back down the mountain pass to the man who pays his wages, he starts to think about what he desires. He sees the mansion of the man he is taking the stones to and wishes for a mansion like that. To his surprise, the spirit grants his wish, and he suddenly finds himself the owner of a mansion overflowing with rooms and tapestries.

But the Stone-Cutter’s journey does not end there. He soon finds himself wishing for more and more power, wishing to be a prince, the sun, and a cloud. Each time, his wish is granted, but each new form of power comes with its own set of problems.

Through his journey, the Stone-Cutter learns an important lesson about the dangers of always seeking more and the importance of finding contentment in one’s own life and work. His story has been retold and adapted in various forms, inspiring and entertaining audiences around the world with its timeless message.

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