Serena (The Little Mermaid)

Summary: Serena is the Little Mermaid in Joshua David Ling’s retelling of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. She is the youngest princess of The Sea King.

Birth Name: Serena (Surname Unknown)
Other Aliases: The Little Mermaid
Height: 5’3” when standing as a human
Weight: 130 lbs as a human
Ethnicity: Appears like unknown Caucasian decent as a human
Age During Year 0 of their personal timeline: 5 years old

Remarkable Traits or Abilities: The inability to talk as a human, extremely graceful, excellent singing voice as a mermaid, princess of the Sea Kingdom

Affiliations: The Royal Sea family, Friend of Prince Silas

Personal Timeline (Spoilers):

Serena began her journey wanting to learn more about humans after learning from The Sea Bard that humans go to heaven when they die. She then found out about Prince Silas and was captivated by the idea of becoming human. She asks the Sea Bard how, and he sends her to the Sea-Witch who makes a treacherous deal with her. Following this, she washes up on land as a human but with many infirmities. Prince Silas becomes her friend, but per the witch’s deal, when he marries another, she turns to sea foam. Following her turning to foam however, she realizes it was all worth it, as she wakes up in Heaven where she can finally taste of Creator’s Grace.

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