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NOD9 – Destination

Notes Of Destiny 9

Windy: “Please don’t go!” Windy yelled,
As Blessed froze in his tracks.
“What is wrong? Where are you going?
Please, Blessed! Just come back!”

Blessed looked around, obviously affected-
By what Windy had to say.

Windy: “Caring for you has been my mission.
Please don’t just run away!
If you have to leave, please take me with you!
I am stronger than you readily know.
Even before I was adopted by the Bogs,
I took mighty blows!”

Windy unbuttoned her dress in back,
And showed Blessed two scars,
Right around her shoulder blades,
As large as jelly jars.

Windy: “I was only a little baby,
When these were given to me.
If I am tough enough to sustain that,
I’ll do anything you set in front of me.”

Windy re-buttoned her dress,
Blessed looked down and frowned.

Windy: “Why are you leaving?” Windy asked him,
Then Blessed finally spoke…

Blessed: “My crown.”

Windy cocked her head,
By Blessed choice of words.

Blessed: “I am The Crown Prince Fortinato.
Ka’Lanner is where my heart is spurred.”
Windy’s eyes grew wide in amazement,
As she made to bow before him.

Fort: “Don’t you dare, Windy Bog.
Without you, my fate would be grim.”

Windy’s eyes teared up as The Prince-
Approached and hugged her tight.

Fort: “If you come with me, you must be quick.
We must leave tonight.
Ka’Lanner was attacked by pirates like these,
But numbers their like I’ve not seen.
I fear The Dread Pirate known as Death Throat,
Is working on a scheme.”

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