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ITR2 – Idiot Dope

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 2
(Idiot Dope)

Later on down in Bay E,
Pandora and Blayze were where they should be.
Waiting around for Amanda and crew
To tell them both what next to do.
The hangar, with people of all kinds, bustled.
Chitrans, Achluns, and Terrans all hustled
But soon Galactic Rangers began to skulk.

Blayze: “This is not good.”

Pandora: “Seriously. Gulp.”

Galactic Rangers were like the police force of that age.
But cunning and brutal, one wouldn’t engage.
Instead “run away” would be the only way.
But Blayze and Pandora had no way out of the bay.
Just then one turned and walked right up to the two.

Officer: “I’m looking For Amanda Canine and her crew.
We believe they’re here recruiting illegal activity.”

Pandora: “Really, Officer? I wonder who that’d be!”

Officer: “Well this is their ship right here in bay E.
The Magnus Canis. And who might you two be?”

Suddenly a laser blast rang out through the bays.
And struck the officer’s palm.


The voice came from the ship’s intercom.
The bay door to the ship began to open
But was jammed by those who were hoping
To catch these criminals as quick as they could.
Then Amanda appeared and struck a Ranger where he stood.
She had a stun baton and was fighting with no doubts.
Blayze began to help.

Blayze: “Pandora, Get us OUT.”

Pandora nodded and swung up to the wheel
Of the landing gear closest to her.
She crawled inside and pushed past cables
Through little passageways and more.
Soon she heard a voice from the ship’s AI

AI: “What are you doing young woman?”

Pandora: “I need to get to the bridge of this ship!”

AI: “Consider that task done.”

100 blue arrows now dotted her path and pointed the way well.

Pandora: “Thank you, ship!” Pandora exclaimed.

AI: “Call me by my name: Wendall.”

Hiding behind the wings of the ship,
Amanda tossed Blayze a gun.

Blayze: “What is your deal? I had no problems
before you and your ship came along!”

Amanda: “Just shut up and cover me!”

Amanda said, rolling behind a crate,
Blazye shook his head and gave a sigh.

Blayze: “This is great. Just great.”

Meanwhile, back in the bowels of the ship,
Pandora made her way to the bridge.
Her head was beginning to ache.
It hurt so much, but she pressed on
Grabbing her nose’s bridge.
She emerged from a vent and saw a young man
Flipping practically every switch.
But something was definitely not right.
As his controls sparked on the fritz.

Young Man: “Come on, Come on!” He urged her on.

Praying the ship would start up.

Pandora: “They’re jamming the signal.
Do you have an analog auxiliary backup?”

Young Man: “Who are you? Are you with the feds?”

Pandora: “I’m a new recruit! 
And we’ve got to keep our heads!
Now do you have one or not?”

Young Ma: “Yes, but it’s vampiric.”

Pandora: “Whatever it takes! 
You fuel it, I’ll steer it!”

Back with Amanda and Blayze
The lasers continued to sound.
They hid behind a pillar
And seemed completely pinned down.
But all of a sudden a voice came
From on top of the ship,
and Amanda yelled:

Amanda: “JAMES!”

James: “GRAB ON!”

He yelled to them 
while lowering them a rope.
He pulled them aboard,

James: “You idiot, dope!”

Amanda: “Just get inside and get her going!”

Amanda yelled back,

And a few moments later,
They did just that.

Their ship rose up thanks to Pandora and the young man.
And then they regrouped to go over plans.

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