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Don’t Be Hasty (WWW29) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 52)

Braden finds himself in an Italian restaurant called Kate’s, accompanied by a man named Nick Tracer. Braden’s main concern is finding Daniella, but Nick advises him to remain calm and not rush things. Suddenly, Nick reveals a concealed gun and places it on the bar, engaging in a tense exchange with Braden. Nick taunts Braden, offering him a drink and making veiled threats about Daniella’s safety. As Braden maintains his composure, Nick hints at a hidden meaning in his words and gestures towards a walk-in humidor behind the bar. Braden deduces that Daniella might be behind the humidor, and Nick confirms his intuition, praising him for figuring it out. Nick then opens the humidor, revealing a hidden entrance, and motions for Braden to enter.

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