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ITR13 – Cloaked

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 13

The Gryvian Troop made his way,
Directly to the dump heap.
He opened the door to that trash room
And his eyes did a quick sweep.
He saw there basically all that he needed
And then began to retrieve-
Cooling tubes,
Transmorphers, and other spare parts,
To build something to help him deceive.

But just as he finished his little device,
Dex Cramer walked into the room,
So he activated his little cloaking device,
And his himself from certain doom.

He watched cautiously as Dex began to look,
For parts very much like the ones-
That he picked up for his cloaking device,
But Dex could not find each one.
So carefully, cautiously,
The Gryvian Troop,
Left his place atop
The trash heap’s stoop,
And went back into the hallways
For who knows why,
Perhaps to kill,
Or perhaps to spy.

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