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ITR25 – Empty Halls

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 25
(Empty Halls)

James: “We should stop and pick up weapons too,
In case some idiot rock-
Finds this ship and isn’t to fond of us,
Or wants to loot us for stock.”

Pandora: “Sounds like as good a plan is any!
Let’s get up and start the walk!”

Down the hallways 
they began to go,
And Wendall 
Was putting on quite a show.

He spoke in gibberish every few minutes,

James: “Is there any way we can impose a limit-
On our crazy-talkin’ computer friend?”

Pandora: “If we do that, our journey might end.
His speech is jumbled, but we’re still on course.
We have to trust this ride, like we’d trust a horse.”

James: “It’s just really creepy,
Us being alone,
Not gettin’ no help from nobody.”

Suddenly a hatch on the ship’s top side opened.

Unknown voice: “How you doin’ buddy?”

A shot rang out through the hall,
From a gun that peeked through the hatch.
Pandora was hit by the bullet and went down.

And the Unknown voice said “At last.”

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