Craic In The World 1 (American Exile) Jayshawn Grogan was a little boy- Raised in New Orleans. His parents had a hard time keeping up with him, Every night, theyโ€™d drink themselves green. They were never abusive to Jayshawn, But he had to fight for his […]
Craic In The World 2 (Bumping Into Destiny) The streets of Ballyshannon hummed- In the middle of afternoon. Light drizzle served to paint the town In a thin, but substantial gloom. Jayshawn walked, hands in pockets, Feeling alone and lost. But that was certainly nothing new, […]
Craic In The World 3 (The Protector) Shots were fired into the air, Making the crowd scatter quick. Jayshawn pulled her through an alleyway, That with people, was less thick. They rounded a bend and came to his house, He fumbled around for his keys. He […]
Craic In The World 4 (Research Time) Cop: โ€œAnd youโ€™re sure he just busted in by himself? No one else was involved?โ€ Jayshawn: โ€œI told you seven times officer, I donโ€™t care if it canโ€™t be solved. No one else was here, When he shot my […]
Craic In The World 5 (Patty Hallett) Deoch Eolais was a small storefront, Jayshawn had passed before. It was a hole in the wall, just down the street, And very obviously a bookstore. But there was an eeriness that seemed to loom, Just beyond its doors. […]
Craic In The World 6 (The Tale of Ted Hallett) Darkness was upon Ballyshannon. It was too hot to work in the day. And so, at the ruins of Cullahill Castle, They worked the night away. The archaeologists were lead, By native, Theodore Hallett the fifth. […]
Craic In The World 7 (More Than Can Be Imagined) Patty Hallet sat with Jayshawn, His jaw dropped open in shock. Patty Hallet chugged down her beer. And then wiped some foam from her smock. Patty: โ€œMy brother changes back and forth, Not knowing when it […]
Craic In The World 8 (Werewolf On The Loose) But when Jayshawn got to the front door, He looked out and saw a sight. A snarling, hairy, wolf-man-beast, Making everyone run in fright. Patty came running, Patty: โ€œTed Got out! We have to capture him now! […]
Craic In The World 9 (To Catch A Werewolf) Patty grabbed a cricket bat, From off the wall at the pub. Jayshawn grabbed himself one too, To use as a sort of club. The werewolf man was almost upon her, Zoe trembled and backed away. Now […]
Craic In The World 10 (The Protectors Reform) When all was said, and all was done, They sat together. Their battle was won. Patty filled Ted in as much as she could. Then Zoe told stories of evil and good. She told them of the event […]
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