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GOA28 – Enemy Number One

Guardians Of Atlanta 28
(Enemy Number One)

After weeks of William’s absence,
And Fenris’s comatose state,
Master Dodd called the Knights together,
For a briefing on things as of late.
The auditorium was packed with knights,
Dames and folks from Church,
And Malachi Dodd’s eyes scanned the room
And as he spoke, continued their search.

Master Dodd: “Thank you all for coming here.
I’m afraid I have terrible news.
William Avery and Quinton Fenris,
Your trust have both abused.
I now have confirmation
Both were involved in a plot,
To not only bring down Alethea,
But our greater community abroad.
They are both part of a terrorist group
Known simply as The Plague.
I know this comes as a shock,
But your patience I must beg.”

His keen eyes scanned the room again
And he paused to take a drink.
Many knights were extremely confused,
And some were beginning to think,
That Malachi Dodd might not be honest,
But their number was few.
The knights were beginning to come unknit
And there was nothing they could do.

Master Dodd: “William Avery is still missing.
He is enemy number one.
In the coming weeks we must brace ourselves.
For subversive attacks have already begun.
We do not know who else may be
Involved in this wretched endeavor,
But listen to your superiors, knights,
And your loyalty will not be severed.
This much I can promise you,
And the other masters.
We must stand our ground together,
For evil is coming faster.”

Fortune took all of this in,
And began herself to plan.
But she required more information,
And possibly more men.

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