Guardians OF Atlanta 84 (The Arrival) Marlynn: “It’s just ahead. I can see it now.” Came the voice of Marlynn to Amy. Amy: “Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, And even Jefferson Davis can’t save me.” Marlynn: “Then why Stone Mountain? You still haven’t told me Why […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 83 (Planning For An Eclipse) Cyrus gathered the Guardians And they entered the Castelle’s den; A room full of technology Geared to help all of them. Computers and devices big and small, Flickered all around. But in front of the projector screen Was […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 82 (Introduction And Home Life) Over the last chapters of this story, We saw heroes and heroines in fantastic glory. From Cyrus the Cyclone, to Bobby the Magician. To William the Knight, and Amira the bless’d twin. And even Marlynn, the Freakshow’s valor […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 81 (Off To Seek Answers) This poem is written in the voice of Amy. Though my Angel lied, He said that he was sorry. All this time I’d felt alone, I didn’t have to worry. My Angel will protect me, Even at the […]
Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 19 (Verdict) Judge: “Thank you kindly, Captain Majestic, For saving all in my courtroom. Everyone please be seated. This judgement my heart has consumed. Everyone sat quietly as asked, Though some were nervous about the hole Gaping in the side of […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 80 (Trust) As Marlynn’s eyes lingered on Amy, She screamed and tried to run. But of course, she couldn’t, Because to the wall she clung. Marlynn tip-toed over cautiously Trying to put her at ease. Marlynn: “I’m sorry that I scared you, Amy. […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 79 (Darkness Unleashed) As Amy was writing, the door was kicked in And a man entered without a word. He pointed some hand-held device at her. And he did not deter, To use it to shoot out a sticky glob That stuck Amy […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 78 (Study Study Study) This poem is written in the voice of Amy (And her personalities) Day Juan: This is the tale of a man Who actually thinks he can help me. What a fool he is to think He can help this […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 77 (Diagnosis: Day Two) This poem is written in the voice of Marlynn Xanadu. What a night it was indeed. Amy slept very well. I however tossed and turned Wondering what kind of spell Or who would ever inflict this damage On themselves […]
Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 18 (Ice Cream Scream) The shadow crashed through the windows. The people screamed and ran As Chocolate syrup spread across the floor And sprinkles as big as soda cans. As light began to pour in- The people stared up and saw- […]
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