Guardians Of Atlanta 76 (Diagnosis: Day 1) This poem is written in the voice of Marlynn Xanadu. In all my life I’ve never seen Such a creature as her. Such beauty externally she bears And there’s something inside that’s pure. However it’s obvious it’s been defiled […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 75 (The Forbidden Darkness) Marlynn: “What?” He asked with a confused look. Marlynn: “Who are you? Why are you here?” Girl: “I’m so lost. And so are you. We are both-… We’re-” The girl looked behind her with a short gasp. But then […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 74 (A Day In The Life Of A Freakshow) Peanut butter crackers? He’d be eating well. Today was the 75th day Since Marlynn had cast a spell. And it had been 12 years since Those horrible events That put him on the run, […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 73 (Mother Vs. Son) Blacksquawk: “What is this? Where did it come from?” Marlynn: “Please don’t burn it! I’ll become numb! I love The Lord. At least I want to.” Blacksquawk: “You stupid boy! Think of all I’ve given you! The Lord hates […]
In this enchanting storytelling poem, Joshua David Ling retells the classic folk tale of the stone cutter. Follow the journey of a simple stonecutter who, with a series of wishes, becomes a prince, a sun, a cloud, and even a mountain. But with each transformation, he […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 72 (Normal Little Boy) Once there was a boy named Marlynn. Who was just like you or me. He played outside, loved to run, And even to climb trees. His life was as normal as could be Except for how he was raised. […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 71 (Finally) “Wires are such a simple thing.” Clipper thought to himself. “They carry a signal from one end to the other, And they never ask for help.” He stripped a few more red wires, And wrapped them to terminal ends. He closed […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 70 (Happy Birthday Amira) During the week that Amira waited For her 18th birthday, She hid away with The Guardians She no longer felt like a stray. In the Castelle, her brand new friends Kept special watch out for her. And in the […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 69 (Force-Fields and Faith) ​​As Warren James streaked down the street With Amira on his back, William jumped into the pathway And geared up for an attack. He stood with his sword Cromwell In his hands to fight. William: Let Amira go!”
He bellowed, […]
Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 17 (Whatever Happens) David, Stan, Dana, and Hot Chick, Sat around in the courtroom They laughed and talked about what would happen, When the judge came out of his room. David: “Remember everyone, whatever happens, You’re still a team in my […]
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