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WWW24 – Temptation

World Wide Warrior 24

Once Braden arrived at the hotel,
Known as The Sportsman’s Lodge,
He looked around for someone to meet him,
And give him ample cause-
To fight and save Daniella from-
Whatever horror got hold,
Of his beautiful and brave Girlfriend.
He soldiered on strong and bold.

He came in and wandered around,
The lobby for a minute or two,
Then a maid pushed by on his right,
And dropped a key or two.
Braden took the keys,
And followed the numbers to a room.
He sighed, hoping it wasn’t an accident,
And opened the door to find gloom.
The room was dark beyond dark,
Until a light-switch was flicked,
By someone inside that dark dark room,
And it removed all the black pitch.

“Come in!” Came a sweet and exotic voice.

And Braden peaked round a bend,
To see a beautiful woman sitting,
On the bed’s foot end.
She wore a dazzling dress of red,
From somewhere in the middle east,
And her skin was the lightest shade of brown,
Braden would ever meet.
Her delicate features smiled at him,
And then he said, confused,

Braden: This isn’t the place, I assume.”

Woman: “Come in and relax Braden.
I know what it is you seek.”

The way she looked would make most men,
Terrifically, terribly, weak.

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