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GOA87 – Okay! Panic!

Guardians Of Atlanta 87
(Okay! Panic!)

The woman spoke something under her breath
That none of them could hear.
Then the limbs of vines and trees
Tried to snatch and spear.
The Guardians all wanted to scream,
But they didn’t because they knew,
It would alert Brock’s knights to their location.
Then they’d never get through.
The strange and ugly woman,
Slowly pushed closer in.
She giggled quietly to herself

Woman: “Marlynn, how have you been”
It’s been some time since we
Last saw each other, mister!
Why, even before the time
When you killed Blacksquawk my sister!”

Marlynn: “Bristlesmoke.” Marlynn said under his breath,
For he knew her as his Aunt.
He’d avoided her all these years until this moment,
Now he knew he was trapped.

But suddenly behind him, a shadow shot out,
Blindingly dark and black.
The shadow rippled and exploded with force
And it managed to knock Bristlesmoke back.
But as soon as it touched her, It melted away.
And Amira looked shocked at the event.
She could feel the power that Freakshow possessed
But it didn’t phase this woman, or even leave a dent.

Marlynn let loose and threw everything he had.
Silent and blind rage showing forth.
Bristlesmoke took it in stride with no effect,
Then she turned herself north.
She sniffed the air and turned back to them,
As Marlynn gasped, trying to rest.
Then Bristlesmoke looked at all of them
And said:

Bristlesmoke: “I smell the little pest!”

And just like that she was off like a bolt,
There was no way the Guardians could pursue.
She used her powers to augment her speed,
And with the dark magic she flew.
Marlynn’s head hung. And the next thing he saw,
Was William’s sword Calvin pressed ‘gainst his neck.

William: “From what power do you draw!?”
The other guardians shushed him angrily,
Trying to remind him of Brock.
Marlynn cowered beneath the blade.
And said nothing out of shock.

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