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NOD5 – Bogs Vs. Pirates

Notes Of Destiny 5
(Bogs Vs. Pirates)

The sheds the Bogs owned were smaller Moras,
Hollowed out at the base.
It probably wasn’t a great place to hide.
But Windy just wanted to escape.
The pirates charged right after her
And cursed her all the way,
But soon hot steam poured out of the laundry shed,
And kept the pirates at bay.
Windy knew the voices that she heard singing songs,
Singing about deep steam cleaning.
It was her oldest brothers, Cruncher and Muncher,
Saving her with their singing.

The pirates were scalded by the streaming heat,
And they quickly abandoned their route.
Soon brothers Billy and Randy gave chase,
With pitchfork and shovel they pursued!
Windy hunkered down in the shed she’d got to,
But there were no weapons around.
Not at least until sisters Cindy, Lilly, and Mandy
All gathered around.

Lilly handed Windy a simple knife
And they each held one of their own.

Windy: “Oh thank Songwriter! Where is Filly?”

Lilly: “She’s up in the crow’s nest alone.”

As if to punctuate sister Filly’s presence,
A shot from her crossharp struck
One of the pirates in the backside.
Windy knew that wasn’t luck.
Windy saw Papa Bog approaching now,
With his Gora Horn in his right hand.
The pirates cowered as he approached.

Papa Bog: “Get out! GET OFF MY LAND!”

The pirates fled as quick as they could,
And Windy’s sisters kissed her hard.
The family began to regroup
And none of them was scarred.
Out upon the lawn they came
Emerging from hiding at a jog.
They all congratulated one another,
Then Windy alone said to Papa Bog.-

Windy: “There is a boy in town my age.
He was captured by pirates like this!
Most of us siblings you adopted from slave-trade.
We simply must assist!”

Papa Bog: “We don’t gotta do anything!” Papa Bog growled.
“I ain’t giving those sea rats money!
Besides, that’s another growing mouth to feed!
Windy, do you think this is funny?!”

Windy looked down at her feet
And sadly dropped her knife.

Cruncher: “Hey Papa! She saved our home!
She alerted us to the fight!”

Momma Bog, and Filly arrived,
from their house’s crow’s nest.

Momma Bog put a hand on his shoulder.

Momma Bog: “Dear, it’s for the best.
We always have more room in there.
We can always feed more folks.”

Papa Bog: “Well not this time, Neefa!
This is not a joke!…
Still, you were the one who raised the alarm.
And I’m awfully proud of you, young one.
What do you say we go down to the festival,
And you can pick anything your heart is set on.”

Windy smiled happily,
For the simple compromise.
The Bogs cheered her and shouted
Windy’s praises to the skies.

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