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GOA37 – You’re Making Me Frustrated

Guardians Of Atlanta 37
(You’re Making Me Frustrated)

Cyrus awoke in Jemima’s tent.
She sat up, her back creaked, her energy was spent.
She rose and looked but no one was around.
She peeked outside that purple tent, and here is what she found:

Bobby Carter standing guard,
watching over the tent door.
It was late at night, hours had flown by
and man, oh man, was she ever sore!
She walked outside, he greeted her there.

Bobby: “Good to see you’re unharmed.”

Cyrus: “What in the world happened to me?”

Bobby: “Nothing. No reason for alarm.”
Bobby began to walk away,
but Cyrus grabbed his sleeve and made him stay.

Cyrus: “Was what I saw last night real?”
Bobby: “How would I know? Your thoughts are something I can’t feel.”

Cyrus: “You know more than you’re letting on.”

Bobby: “I’m just a magician. There’s no way. you’re wrong.”

Cyrus: “Stop with the act and listen to me!”

Bobby: “Open your eyes and maybe you’ll see!
This carnival has more going on than you know.
you’re in danger, Cyrus. This isn’t a show.
You just need to learn to take your cues.”

Cyrus: “That’s it! Time’s up, Bobby! It’s time for you to choose!
Are you going to tell me what’s up? Or not?”

Bobby: “Just take your cues and you won’t get lost!”

Cyrus: “You’re making me frustrated!”

Bobby: “Yes, I know.
Just be patient. Wait your turn, and then you’ll be in the show.”

Bobby Carter walked away, making Cyrus more frustrated than ever.

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