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ITR36 – The Instrument

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 36
(The Instrument)

Back inside the old farmhouse,
Amanda busied herself,
By playing with old scrap parts
That she found upon a shelf.
She tinkered and wondered how long it would take,
For Dex to have the ship A-okay.
Farms were boring and her feet were itchy.
She wanted to leave this day.

The instrument that she constructed 
Had several jobs,
It checked for anomalies in the atmosphere,
Through buttons, dials, and knobs.
But as soon as she activated it,
Emergency lights flashed.
The heads up display showed blinking red lights,
And so did the on-board dash.

She turned it off and took it apart,
Thinking she had wires wrong.
But when she put it back together,
It sang the very same song.

Amanda: “What is wrong you stupid thing?
Why do you flash and scream?”

Then Amanda looked at the info,
And she at once turned green.

She felt a pang of fear and dread-
Deep within her soul.
She ran back up into the main room and yelled-

Amanda: “Get up! There’s a black hole!!!”

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