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SHA12 – The Tale Of Uncle Sully

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 12
(The Tale of Uncle Sully)

Your Honor, with your kind permission,
Allow me to recount a tale of strange ambition.
My younger life on a midwestern farm,
Where chaos and adventure caused alarm.

When I was knee-high to
A grasshopper’s chirp-
I worked my Dad’s farm,
My chores I never shirked.
But I always got antsy when I got the barn
Where my Uncle Sully camped,
And did all kinds of harm.

Uncle Sully had wild eyes and a mischievous soul,
And his experiments took quite a toll.
He stayed with us, a temporary guest,
But his antics put our farm to the test.

One sunny morn, as chores I performed,
A peculiar glow the barn adorned.
Curiosity stirred, caution in the air,
I ventured closer, I couldn’t move my stare.

Inside, Uncle Sully, a sight so absurd,
Beakers and substances, chaos undisturbed.
On his work bench the green glow
Emanated bright
And he was hiding something else from my sight.

As he turned around, I saw a-glow
A beaker full of goo, don’tcha know.
He held it in one hand and in the other I saw
A little baby chick, a rooster so small.

He moved like he was gonna drop the chick in
And I made a move that wasn’t chicken.
Instinct took hold, adrenaline flowed,
And I reached for my bullwhip with a sure hold.

I gave it a crack
And he dropped the chick, confused.
And looked around for
His silence’s abuse.

Stan: “Uncle Sully!” I Called, “What madness is this?”
Then he saw me and began shaking his fist.

Sully: “You’ve ruined my experiments for the last time!
Your pa’s gonna certainly whip your behind!”

Then I heard a sound
Like a whip crack again.
But then it got louder,
And it burned my skin.

The barn shook violently, an explosion profound,
I was thrown across, in smoke I drowned.
Uncertainty gripped, a haze in the air,
The aftermath unknown, a cliffhanger affair.

Judge: “What?” The judge said, interrupting Fire-Man.

Stan: “Just kidding,” said Stan,
”I just like to pretend-
It’s like some corny old cartoon show.
But the truth is, that wasn’t even that long ago.
Uncle Sully disappeared and I got fire-powers,
And not only mine, but even ours.”

Hot Chick jumped up on his seat and flapped.

Hot Chick: “That’s right your honor!”

And a few people clapped.

Judge: “Order!” Said the judge,
And brought his gavel down.
”I like origin stories as much as anyone in this town!
But right now we’re deciding what will be their next page.
I think I’d like now for The Academy to engage.”

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