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GOA95 – One Wrong Step

Guardians Of Atlanta 95
(One Wrong Step)

A few fleeting seconds into the fight
Tyson was disarmed.
Will stood over him with his sword pointed at Tyson
But he did not want to do him harm.

Tyson: “You think I’ll keep quiet?
I’ll fight to the end!”

William: “
You make one sound,
And your tongue I’ll apprehend.”

Tyson laid still, staring at Will
Not sure of what to do.
But if Will let his guard down for one moment at all,
He knew his death would be due.
He couldn’t drop his sword to choke Tyson out,
Like all the knights he had before.
And the Guardians stood and watched their still forms,
Wondering if they could do more.

Soon before anyone could tell her not to,
Amira shimmied over the rim.
She climbed down with all the grace of a chimp
And had just enough room beside William.
Will kept his eyes on Tyson the whole time
As Amira pressed up against the stone.
She slowly positioned herself behind Tyson
Barely enough room for her skinny bones.
She wrapped her arms around Tyson’s neck,
Like William had shown her before,
And she choked Tyson out in ten seconds flat
And she laid him on the ledge’s floor.

Cyrus smiled quietly and pulled a bit of rope
Out of her long overcoat,
And she threw it down to help her friends up.

Cyrus: “Man, that call was close!”

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