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ITR55 – The Sylvani War Part 2

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 55
(The Sylvani War Part 2)

Blayze: “I spent two days mourning my wife,
And hearing about the end of the war,
On my shortwave radio.
And I longed longed for something more.

In a desperate fit, I finally snapped,
And did what I do best.
I began tinkering and creating,
Around Psyche’s still-beating chest.
I created a realistic skeleton and skin,
As well as a modified AI.
I’d pirated the AI from a federation project,
And I thought that I would try-
To make a copy of my wife
In every possible way.
But doing that was killing my heart,
So at the end of the day,
I just tried to make a realistic android
Around a vampirically powered frame.
And when I connected it all and turned her on,
I gave her her new name.

It seemed to fit considering
I didn’t want anyone to open-
And see inside the mess I’ve concocted,
And seem to put my hope in.
Both my wife’s name and Pandora,
Come from ancient earth myth…
So that’s everything I guess.
That’s what I’ve put into it.”

Everyone looked away from Blayze,
Pondering Pandora in their minds.
No one could meet his lonely gaze.
Nor did anyone try this time.

Blayze turned back to his abominable project,
And began some simple repairs.
He may have lost his biggest secret,
But at least they were out of his hair.

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