Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 19

Judge: “Thank you kindly, Captain Majestic,
For saving all in my courtroom.
Everyone please be seated.
This judgement my heart has consumed.

Everyone sat quietly as asked,
Though some were nervous about the hole
Gaping in the side of the building,
And some had decided to roll.
But many waited with bated breath
To hear what would be decided.
And every member of SHAPE listened,
Optimistic and excited.

Judge: “When all of sentient humankind,
(That includes talking baby chicks)
Decide to serve their fellow man-
They should never cease and desist-
From the greatest singular calling given
To them in their life.
For Fire Man and Hot Chick this is B,
Dana, David, and Fu, alright?
They have been largely adopted
By these heroes bold-
Who’ve stood by their side through ice cream monsters
Evil Antons and more!

So my verdict to summarize
Will simply be this.
Whatever they owe in student loans
And gratuities will persist.
And they must drop out of the academy
To practice proper hero work.
But nothing should separate them from newfound family-
Or make their destinies shirk.”

Judge Hemingway slammed his gavel down
And all we’re promptly dismissed.
Dana awkwardly shook Stan’s hand
But David did persist
In pulling them both into a group hug,
Whole Fu gave a cordial bow.
But Hot Chick was trying to fly away
From Behemoth Jr. Now.

Hot Chick: ” You’re way too big to hug me,
You sticky tyrannosaur!”

B: “Come back Chicky! I wanna hug!”

And the whole team laughed and rolled on the floor.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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