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WOW40 – Pact

World of Wrestling 40

After a few moments,
The sun began to set.
Jessica smiled and hugged her Big Dog.

Jessica: “I think I understand you, yet.
Where do you want to go next?”

Joshua turned a little red.

Jessica: “No! I meant like, where next geographically.
I remember all that you’ve said.
Oh! Maybe I can come see your place?
I’m sure it has all kinds,
Of little knick-knacks and memorabilia
That will get me into your mind!”

Joshua: “You’ve already seen my place.”
Said Joshua, Matter-Of-Fact.

Jessica laughed but shortly realized,
His expression had not cracked.
Then realization hit her.
And it made her almost cry.
She pushed past Joshua into his van,
And then she gave a long sigh.
She saw his bedroll and more supplies,
She saw a road toilet and fridge.
Then she thought back to times before,
And all her thoughts began to bridge.

Jessica: “I know you liked to sleep in here,
When we were on the road.
But you really don’t have a home to speak of?
Let me lighten your load!”

That was one of the longest moments,
In Jessica’s entire life.
But Joshua took a deep breath,
And simply said: “Alright.”

Jessica: “You have a room at my place.
No ifs, ands, or buts.
And no matter who you meet, Joshua,
I am one you can trust.”

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