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WOW21 – Before The Show

World Of Wrestling 21

Memphis Tennessee-
Wrestling on Monday night.
And Jessica Valero was more than ready,
For an exciting fight.
She had some saunter in her strut,
As her protege walked beside.
He’d insisted on carrying her bags,
But that wasn’t why she had pride.
She loved hanging out with him.
And found him to be a true friend.
And he’d continue her legacy,
When her career met its end.

Truth be told her injuries still lingered,
But tonight they barely felt there.
She couldn’t wait to step into the arena,
Into that electrified air.

Jessica: “Ten bucks says I’ve got Ezzy tonight.
We haven’t matched up in a while.”

Joshua: “Do you think they’ll book me tonight?”

Joshua said with a smile.

Jessica: “They better book you!” Jessica said

“Or I’m going to have to raise cain!
If they don’t book their biggest rising star,
They’re a bunch of lame brains!”

They arrived where the locker rooms split,
And Jessica turned a smiled.

Jessica: “Thanks for carrying my bags for me.
You’ve got class and style.”

Joshua blushed and turned to go,
Into the men’s locker room.
And Joshua’s blushing was almost enough,
To make Jessica swoon.
But she held her composure and someone came up,
Wearing a headset with cord.

Headset Man: “You’re Jessica Valero?”

He said looking at his clipboard.

Jessica: “Duh. What do you want, headset guy?
Can’t you see I’m about to gear up?”

Headset Man: “Mr. Rothschild would like to see you in his office.
And he requested there be no holdups.”

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