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WOW36 – Davey’s Party

World of Wrestling 36
(Davey’s Party)

After a lackluster night at the rave,
Jessica didn’t sleep well.
She tossed and turned in the night,
Wondering if she could tell-
What on earth Josh could be thinking!
That place had no class or style.
He’d need to up his game in that category,
And become less wild-
If he wanted to be taken seriously,
In the business of theirs.
She rolled herself out of bed groggily,
And sat there in a chair.

She looked at her phone and saw another text,
Apologizing for the night before.
She said it was okay again,
And nearly began to snore.
But her text tone went off right away,
And she saw Joshua ask her a question:

Joshua: “I’m visiting a very cool fan today,
Want to come down for the session?”

Jessica: “Of Course if you can pick me up.”

Jess texted back with a yawn.

Joshua: “Cool, I’ll get you in an hour.”

And Joshua stayed true to his bond.

An hour later, Joshua was there,
And Jessica was ready to go.
She got into his van with him,

Jessica: “So I’m guessing you’re doing some show?”

Joshua: “I do a bit of motivational speaking,
And sometimes demonstrate some holds.
Kids birthday parties are the best.”

Jessica suddenly felt cold.

She knew that he loved kids,
And admittedly she did too,
But she’d never had too many fans
Within that young age group.
She’d not experienced kids in a while,
At least, not in a large crowd.
And when they got to the wrestling gym,
She was completely wowed.

There were tables everywhere
All around the ring,
With streamers flowing red and yellow,
Her Big Dog’s color scheme,
Joshua howled as he entered the room,
And the kids all howled in return,
And Davey the birthday boy’s eyes,
Lit up with fire and burned.

Joshua went straight to the ring,
With Jessica following behind.
He got in the ring and was handed a mic,
And the crowd quieted down in kind.
Joshua struck a dramatic pose,
And hoisted the mic to his lips.
He began to sing happy birthday Davey,
As the crowd sang and took video clips.

After he finished the rousing song,
He howled and everyone cheered.
He introduced Jessica next to everyone,
She got polite hand claps, And one or two quiet jeers.

Jessica’s smile turned to a frown,
But Joshua wouldn’t be deterred.
He began to preach to everyone there,
With gusto and with fervor.
He spoke of many things to them,
Telling them of his life,
But leaving out details of Ann,
His deceased fiancee/wife.
Jessica found herself entranced,
By the passion in his voice,
And she soon forgot she was even there,
She had very little choice.
The power and passion Joshua oozed,
When he opened up was grand.
Then Davey came into the ring,
And shook Joshua’s right hand.

Joshua put the mic down on the mat,
And pulled him into a hug,
Jessica heard him ask Davey,
If he wanted to give Jessica some love.

He looked at Jess and shook his head no,
Jessica’s heart broke within,
And she didn’t know where to go,
She didn’t know how to fit in.
Joshua led him over to her,
And he reluctantly put out his hand.
Jessica shook it and smiled despite,
The sadness in her heart-land.

Davey: “You’re a good wrestler and all,
I just like Joshua more.
I miss when he came to NGPW.”

Jessica was rocked to the core.
She cried a little, though no one else saw,
And she exited the ring.
She went back to the van and sat,
Until Joshua could finish this thing.

When Joshua came back out he hugged her,
And she apologized.

Jessica: “I don’t know what came over me.
I have so much more pride!”

Joshua: “Davey’s a little kid and doesn’t know,
How his words can hurt.
I talked to him about it a little,
He said he was sorry he was terse.
The birthday party is moving on now,
To the exciting stage two!
We’ll swing by Wal-Mart and pick up two suits,
Then we’ll meet them at the pool.”

Jessica turned as white as snow,
And still had no clue where to go.

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