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WOW33 – Identity

World of Wrestling 33

Jessica: “Where are you going? Get back in there!
He’s going to make you a star!”

Joshua: “No freaking chance and no freaking way!”

Joshua got into his car.

Jessica angrily got inside too,
And berated him some more.
Then Joshua snapped defensively.

Joshua: “He’s trying to change my core!
I am not some paparazzi magnet.
I’m The Big Dog! Wild and free!
I don’t care if that’s generic!
I’ll be everything I can be!
I don’t need some annoying little man,
To tell me who to portray!
I’ll howl and I’ll fight like I always have!
I will find a way!”

Jessica saw his intense passion,
And the truth in what he said.
She looked down for a moment or two.

Jessica: “I’m sorry for what I did.
I didn’t realize identity,
Meant that much to you.
Maybe you should show me more of what that means,
And bring it all into view.”

Joshua nodded his understanding.

Joshua: “Okay then Jessica, I will.”

Jessica started up the car,
And Joshua began his show and tell.

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